Here’s Oozaru!

In the game I played at New York Comic Con he fights Roshi, and then he fights Goku in his mind. It’s also mentioned in some of the game dialog that he kicks around Yamcha and Bulma. Also, he’s about 10-12 feet tall and pounds his chest a lot.

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  1. Jesse J Says:
  2. andthenIsaid Says:
    Sweet jesus! It’s beautiful! and first btw
  3. andthenIsaid Says:
    aww snap. nvm :(
  4. spiderfreak182 Says:
    doesnt goku have an under shirt? does it dissapear?
  5. Jesse J Says:
    im not reallly liking how he still has the GI onbut who cares, except the haters
  6. the guy Says:
    wow spider freak go cry you faggot
  7. 5aucy Says:
  8. MC Says:
    JP: Does it look realistic while fighting, like the other characters??
  9. BlinkMe64 Says:
    Oozaru looks cool.
    Lol hope he doesn’t have the gi on in the movie.
  10. MC Says:
    Oh never mind, I didn’t see the other screen shots. lol
  11. Jesse J Says:
    I Bet in the movie the Gi will atleast Rip!!
  12. crymzen Says:
    oooooo i likes what i see…oozaru looks realy good..i mean if he looks good in the game imagine what its gonna look like in the actual answer peoples questions the gi will probably stay on in the movie…we have to remember this is a family movie so we wont see a naked goku when he transforms back from oozaru his clothes will probably be wreked but he will still be wearing them
  13. KRAN Says:
    Wait i undestand goku as a human not having a tail but Ozaru form could have one though?
  14. Walsh Says:
    spider freak the blue parks are his blue gi he just puts the orange on top. OOzaru is exactly what i wanted werewolf monkey thing!!!!!
  15. Anonymous Says:
    fuck this shit Fuck this game oozaru doesnt even have a fucking TAIL! i cant fucken believe this shit
  16. hiroka Says:
    He looks so Awesome!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  17. hiroka Says:
    Who cares if he doesn’t have a tail.
  18. Jesse J Says:
    @ WalshPiccolo looks like he’s doing the Hitler move on you avatar
  19. TekkZero Says:
    NO TAILONLY 10 FEET TALLshitty movie fails again!
  20. BlinkMe64 Says:
    Maybe he comes at the end of the movie?
    Eclipse turns Goku into Oozaru so when it over he turns back to normal.
    Goku could also beat Piccolo as Oozaru
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  22. Doritos Says:
    I guess the reason they didnt tucked in his pants was because of oozaru, i think in the sequel he’ll come with them tucked in :)About oozaru, at least he looks like an ape, not a fking fish, im happy with it.
  23. Anonymous Says:
    He looks exactly like in the anime, minus the tail. Which actually never made sense in the anime because Apes don’t have tails really… Plus they are making it realiztic. Shut up TekkZero, and everyone hating, he looks EXACTLY like the anime version.
    The Gi is meh whatever, I’m pretty sure he won’t have it on all the time while he’s fighting in the movie.
  24. the guy Says:
    i really hope its not the oozaru that beats piccolo…soooo anti climatic
  25. AlexM Says:
    Ummm forgot to mention who was speaking… that last post was me. :D
  26. that guy Says:
    looks pretty spot on to me!
  27. arqumhameha Says:
    @the guy oozaru looks weird even in the game :( but all the game pics looked weird :? , but in the video they look awesome :D so i guess he’ll look fine too :mrgreen: . but ur right he doesnt look climactic :| , it kind of looks like a monkey took gokus gi :lol: i hope he looks better! :mrgreen:
  28. kid green Says:
    absolutly positivley not. nope. how someone can say that its faithful is beyond me. this movie is shit. face it guys. its shit. they didnt even nod at the fans by at least taking the gi off. fuck it. seriousley not funny. the game is trahs. the demo is trash. this whole movie is trash. YES I AM MAD THERE IS NO TAIL. watch. my rediction is that goku will become oozaru for ten minutes, start too kill piccolo, and will be stopped by master roshi because he is “the seventh mystic” as some people are saying. FUCKING RIDICULOUS. IF HE DOESNT HAE A TAIL HOW WILL HE TRANSFORM BACK?????? HUH????FANS OF THIS SHIT CAN YOU ANSWER THAT???I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU SAY> THIS MOVIE IS SHIT I HATE IT!!!! WHEN I SAW THIS I FLIPPED OUT!!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!! WHY???? WHY JAMES FUCKING WONG???? HE RUINED DRAGONBALL FOr ME!!!!! DAMMIT! GAY GAY GAY GAYEST MOVIE. AND THIS IS GREAT, CUZ I AM THE MOVIE CRITIC FOR MY LOCAL ARIZONA PAPER! IM GOING TO BASH THIs MOVIE!! AND GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO JP LAUGHING WHILE I DO IT SAYING “ALMOST A YEAR OF ANTICIPATION OUT THE WINDOW FOR thIS PIECE OF CRAP11 ALL I CAN SAY IS……OUC MY DRAGONBALLS
  29. banto Says:
    hah, well, i thought oozaru looked great.
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  31. SolarTiger Says:
    Oozaru looks pretty good! Just don’t like the way the gi looks on him.
  32. arqumhameha Says:
    gosh i used alot of cursers :D :-) :( :o 8O :? 8) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen:
  33. Random Task Says:
    looks like James Brown on orange gi
  34. arqumhameha Says:
    @kid green r u hater or a supporter :| , dont start jumping to calling the movie shit :x ! u always do this, u hate a bunch, then when things turn out o.k. u start supporting the movie wtf, be patient u saw three bad quality pics and u go crazy :lol:
  35. DratinifanOozaru13 Says:
    Okay, it looks good and all, but I wish it was a bit bigger and we can’t see a tail. One thing though guys, its a fighting game so the size limit of the Oozaru CAN be off. He may be bigger and with more ripped clothes in the movie.
  36. Anonymous Says:
    maybe thats not how he actuall looks, just him transforming
  37. arqumhameha Says:
    yeah kid green give it a bad review, every ones gonna think u r crazy! bash the movie just because u saw three pics! go ahead! this is what ur review will look like
    i saw three bad quality pics of a game that didnt come out, it made me sad :( :( :( :( :( :(
  38. Alex-G Says:
    wow kid greene, you’re really an idiot of epic proportions… I love dragonball to, but its jsut a movie… I woulda liked to see a tail on goku as well but he doesn’t have one. Is it really such a big deal? Will it ruin your life? Will it kill you?so far I’m loving how its turning out, I do however am upset at alot of the things they changed, but maybe it was for the better. We won’t really know until the movie is actually released. So I’m behind Stephen Chow and James Wong 100% and if it isn’t as epic as the trailer makes it seem, then lets just hope for a reboot of the series in the near future. If all else fails in this movie, at least Emmy Rossum aka Bulma will be nice to look at for 90 minutes… :Dnow, onto the oozaru… Oh my fucking God…. it looks so kewl.. It looks just like the anime version… but like others said, the orange gi doesn’t really compliment him but lets just wait until we see it in action…
  39. Anonymous Says:
    Oozaru joins a rock band!!!!!!! AWSOME LOL
  40. arqumhameha Says:
    @Alex-G yeah exactly kid green saw three bad quality pics of oozaru, and he said hes gonna bash the movie wtf, what an idiot :lol: :lol: :lol:
  41. J (亀) Says:
    So instead of cutting his tail off to return to normal, Chatwin has to beat him up in his mind? Lame!
  42. KRAN Says:
    @Anonymous Says:
    February 7th, 2009 at 4:58 pmSO what about alienate apes then huh?
  43. TekkZero Says:
    and why the fuck is the moonkey wearing clothes???
  44. Kid Green t-bagger Says:
    My name says it all. I might shove somthing else in your mouth as well to shut your mouth, god I hate people like you. :evil:
  45. SolarTiger Says:
    go kid green!lol jk
  46. JP Says:
    “So instead of cutting his tail off to return to normal, Chatwin has to beat him up in his mind? Lame!”I can easily say:
    So instead of Goku having to defeat the evil from within, they just have to cut off his tail?^And that sounds just as lame!
  47. SolarTiger Says:
    so what oozaru and goku face each other in their minds? wtf :?
  48. Saber Says:
    Not bad… actually, I think it looks pretty cool.“GAY GAY GAY GAYEST MOVIE. AND THIS IS GREAT, CUZ I AM THE MOVIE CRITIC FOR MY LOCAL ARIZONA PAPER! IM GOING TO BASH THIs MOVIE!! AND GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO JP LAUGHING WHILE I DO IT SAYING “ALMOST A YEAR OF ANTICIPATION OUT THE WINDOW FOR thIS PIECE OF CRAP11 ALL I CAN SAY IS……OUC MY DRAGONBALLS!”Oh yeah! Won’t that sound reliable, “This movie sucks because GOKU DOESN’T HAVE A TAIL! GGAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”Yup, that makes so much sense. Now that your done hating a movie you haven’t even seen yet, why don’t ya do us a favor, simmer down.No matter what, some people will hate it because it’s just not like that anime.
    Well you have got to admit, this is miles ahead of the fishhead that surfaced a couple of months back… but perhaps that’s for the worst… that version might have had a tail ):
    Alright JP you played through the game meaning you know more about the plot now. SPILL THE DAMN BEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Random Task Says:
  51. Says:
    WOW!!!! I am soooooo Happy
    Oozaru looks SO Beautiful!!Thanks for going to Comic Con for us JPYES!! FOX gave us our Monkey
    Yippy :mrgreen:
  52. camman007 Says:
    Yea i was about to say the same thing lol, maybe make a forum thread with a spoiler warning or something
  53. Says:
    Yes Tell us a spoiler JP!!
  54. Tasunara Says:
    That looks hella cool!!!!And no, Goku shouldn’t beat Piccolo as Oozaru. That’d be shit. I’d hate that ending with a passion. And JP, don’t spill the beans!!! I wanna see for myself!!! And movie games aren’t usually the most accurate, anyways.
  55. SolarTiger Says:
    Tell us spoilers JP!
  56. Tasunara Says:
    Haha! That description JP gave it reminds me of like a character bio intro.“Hi! My name is Oozaru, and I’m about 10-12 feet tall, and I pound my chest a lot.”
  57. Ryoga Hibiki Says:
    Some people really will find a reason to bitch about every. Single. Thing.
  58. spiderman Says:
    jp wat else should they have dont expect goku having a tail..
  59. JoseMP Says:
    “@Alex-G yeah exactly kid green saw three bad quality pics of oozaru, and he said hes gonna bash the movie wtf, what an idiot”Yup, movie critics right there for you. No wonder they suck ass.Oozaru looks faithful.
  60. spiderman Says:
  61. Dragonball Evolution Game Demo | Dragonball Legends Says:
    […] DBMB has also posted screenshots of Oozaru from the video game. Oozaru looks very accurate to the anime. […]
  62. spiderman Says:
    more gameplay
  63. steven B. Says:
    it cool will goku have to defeat Oozaru in his mind, but there might be one problem when they make a sequal how would they make vegeta turn back from being Oozaru?
    Can we PLEASE get some spoilers!!!????
  65. Ryoga Hibiki Says:
    Steven — I’m more curious to know how they’re going to make Vegeta turn Oozaru in the first place. An eclipse is rather more rare than a full moon, and I’m not sure how he’d go about synthesizing an eclipse in the first pllace.
  66. Jeff Says:
    Jp, I’m expecting a spoiler filled review of everything you saw! Now don’t disappoint! :wink:
  67. Lance Says:
    To this Anonymous person whoeva the hell u r..go get a fuckin life u stupid ass mutha fucka..i happen to like this and so do alot of otha ppl..U must b dumb as hell bcuz its a live action adaption of the show..DOES UR DUMB ASS GET IT NOW DAMN U DUMB ASS MUTHA FUCKa ppl worked hard on this film..on this game let alone this is wht fans have been waitin 4..if u dnt like it stop comin on this web site dumbass….some ppl r jus yo dumb ass :x :twisted: toi all those good fans im wit yall all the way
  68. Anonymous Says:
    I can deal with the 10-12 foot Oozaru, in fact I think its cooler than the ridiculously huge one in the anime (although a 15 foot tall Oozaru would have been better imo), however I really hate the no-tail Goku/Oozaru.That tail was like, a really important part of Goku’s character and especially his race, and its what tied the series back into the “Journey to the West” story. How difficult would it have been to just give him a dang tail Fox, I mean so much of the movie is enhanced with CG it would not have been that hard. My goodness…
    Come on!!! Fox can’t come at you about that! You’re just talking about the story mode of a video game! What’s so baaaaaaaaaaaaad about that! SPOILAZZZ PLEASE!!!
  70. MC Says:
    Ryoga Hib: If in fact Vegeta does transform in the next movie, then, instead of inducing it with a fake moon, he’ll probably induce through some other way of exposure.
  71. JP Says:
  72. Walsh Says:
    yo yo yo ok HONESTLY when i was a child like 4 i always thought it was so strange he had a tail i liked it better when they removed it, it only wasn’t until later i just ignored it because mysteriously all the sajin lose there tails… and i think if he even had a tail at one point it was removed when he was first found and it made him less crazy or something…
    YES!!!! Thank you JP! You’re a mother fucking BEAST!!!!
  74. Anonymous Says:
    I can say im slightly relieved now that i see he looks like an ape. They did a bit of editing to features but they are perfectly fine. Personally I hate the fact that they eliminated the tail portion of DB/DBZ because it played such a large roll for the first season of DBZ and it was a build up in DB. Also they would obviously have to have the Gi rip off in the movie. If they don’t (considering they are trying to add some realistic aspects) then they have a few too many rocks in their heads at the studio.
  75. Edward Says:
    Do not freaken spoil the plot unless you got some spoiler tags over it. I don’t wanna destroy the movie for myself D:.But I quite like Oozaru, I just don’t really like him having pants, but I guess it makes sense if he transforms back.Apes don’t really have tails anyway, but I hope he’s got like a little stub you know?
  76. Edward Says: that out, it explains Goku only recently learns he is a Saiyan – from the game D:and MAFUBBAAAAA
  77. Benito Juárez Says:
    Hey Corey, Watchmen will be a way better movie than this mess and Zach Snyder is a superior film maker to Wong!
  78. Demetri J Says:
    Ive been trying not to say it, but I cant take it anymore. here goes:WHAT UP WITH THE BLACK PANTS. What in the world is wrong with having things match anymore
  79. Titties Says:
    I like it! Seems inspired by that warewolf stuff.and stuff
  80. Anonymous Says:
    the oozaru didnt grow enormous so there wouldnt be that big of a chance that the baggy gi and pants would rip
  81. I’m a banana Says:
    I guess it looks okay.
  82. angelo Says:
    wow this movies gunna suck because goku doesnt masterbate because that would look cool wit his supersaiyan penis and he doesnt slap bulmas pussy like in the dragonball path to power movie
  83. Anonymous Says:
    STFU angelo! :oops:
  84. Tasunara Says:
  85. Totally Doomed Says:
    I was hoping it would be the size it is in the show, but the actual character is awesome, it looks perfect.
  86. Randy Says:
    Thanks for the info JP, can’t wait for the game and film.
  87. megar_v Says:
    @ steven BRemember that Vegeta was in control of his ape form. He said that he had learned to control it if I remember correctly.
  88. 5aucy Says:
    Yeah, watchmen looks decent. Want to read a story with depth? Read watchmen.I don’t know how the movie will be, but if it’s as good as the book, it’ll be better than Dragonball.
  89. Ryoga Hibiki Says:
    From a purely narrative point of view, Watchmen will undoubtedly be better than Dragonball. But on the action front, Dragonball may well beat Watchmen (the trailers for that film are misleading; the narrative is nowhere near as action-packed as the trailers suggest).
  90. Anonymous Says:
    i have a theory on why they clothed oozaru. here it is u guys ready. when he transforms back to normal youd see justins dong. that isnt ok for a family movie. quite your bitching. this shit happens for a reasons.
  91. SolarTiger Says:
    well ok keep the pants but not the gi
  92. Wukong Says:
    woah JP you are DAH MAN!!! I LOVE IT I WANT MORE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! OM OM OMGGG!!!! THANKS!
  93. Wukong Says:
    and no this is not kid green, i did not no the gravatar was taken :mrgreen:
  94. Wukong Says:
    theres a new one!!
  95. SolarTiger Says:
  96. 1 2 YAM-CHA-CHA!!! Says:
    i say kid green is an asshole, and i would like to thank JP for the news. Please keep us updated!! :mrgreen:
  97. Anonymous Says:
    youd think tough that the clothes would look tighter on him and more ripped up. maybe they will be in the film
  98. Anonymous Says:
    i ment “though” not tough
  99. Straxton Says:
    Don’t you people find it kind of odd that people are LOOKING for reasons to be disappointed?
    People were fucking astounded when the Oozaru Fish-Monster leaked, and then the studio fixed it. We are now getting a were-ape, exactly as in the original. However, it’s a little more realistic, as with several other were-beast characters, and he grows to around 10 or 12 feet tall instead of 50.He doesn’t have a tail? Who gives a shit? Look at thing’s fucking face. That IS the Oozaru.
    After getting the Fish Monster, and then receiving this beauty, you whiny children should be fucking ecstatic. This is the biggest news in terms of faithful adaptation in this movie yet, and you kids are bitching and moaning about little tiny details.Next thing you know the Oozaru’s eyes aren’t going to be the right tint of red for you.
    Grow up you pussies.
  100. Anonymous Says:
    amen brother
  101. Alex-G Says:
    “Next thing you know the Oozaru’s eyes aren’t going to be the right tint of red for you.
    Grow up you pussies.”LMAO… nice
  102. Alex-G Says:
    I don’t know if its already been suggested, but I think I know whats going on at 40 seconds in the trailer while Goku is doing the kamehameha wave… I think he’s training, practicing it but not doing it right which is why it doesn’t stay as a solid beam like others blasts in the trailer seem to. Anyway, its just something I noticed…
  103. Progressive Says:
    i dont think that that is infact a kamehameha ot even an attempt at it neither do i think that the last blast we see in the trailer is the “firing” of the kamehameha just because you hear gokus voice in the background i said that for all those who were complaining that chatwin shot it with one hand
  104. @ Straxton Says:
    “Don’t you people find it kind of odd that people are LOOKING for reasons to be disappointed?
    People were fucking astounded when the Oozaru Fish-Monster leaked, and then the studio fixed it. We are now getting a were-ape, exactly as in the original. However, it’s a little more realistic, as with several other were-beast characters, and he grows to around 10 or 12 feet tall instead of 50.He doesn’t have a tail? Who gives a shit? Look at thing’s fucking face. That IS the Oozaru.
    After getting the Fish Monster, and then receiving this beauty, you whiny children should be fucking ecstatic. This is the biggest news in terms of faithful adaptation in this movie yet, and you kids are bitching and moaning about little tiny details.Next thing you know the Oozaru’s eyes aren’t going to be the right tint of red for you.
    Grow up you pussies.”^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIIIISSSSS :wink:
  105. Edward Says:
    Straxton, I like the way you think.Why isn’t that gi a little tighter on him anyway? O_O”
    Not complaining, just a thought
  106. Anonymous Says:
  107. MickyDizzy Says:
    Wow, awesome! Seriously, just what i thought it would be! But the clothes just needs to be a little bit tighter and torn up, that way it’ll look way cooler. But, where’s the tail?! I hope in the movie he will have his tail :lol:
  108. REPAIR MAN MAN Says:
    good thing repair man man is going to this event. He will know what happens too!!!!!YAY!! IM GOING TODAY TO PLAY!!!hey, maybe i’ll run into JIM REPAIR MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN MAN
  109. Anonymous Says:
    REPAIR MAN MANdont forget to tell us how you like it…
  110. Zelanore Says:
    cmon haters, think how much worse it could have turned out!
  111. Anonymous Says:
    Can’t say I have high hopes for this game… Somehow the clothes enlarge on the Oozaru 8O
  112. Anonymous Says:
  113. pachi Says:
    I lol’d.
  114. This Movie Is Going To Suck Dragon Balls Says:
    At least he looks a lot like original Oozaru…meh.
  115. pachi Says:
    “a fight between Goku and Oozaru on this astral plane type thing that I guess represents Goku’s mind. Goku wins, and transforms back.”OMG! Is this freaking DB?! OR NARUTO!?!
  116. 203910 Says:
    Dragonball Evolution なんかよりもずっと良い
  117. Anonymous Says:
    wow, how can people who say they love dragonball/z/gt turn there back on the francise. It doesent matter if its not the same, even if it was totally different, if your a hardcore fan you would support this movie no matter what.Being a fan (to me) is supporting something no matter what.
  118. Alex-G Says:
    huh, goku fighting him in his mind is kinda stupid… not to mention cliche… but oh well, lets see how they did it…
  119. Walsh Says:
    its just as bad as the watchnen haters some people are refusing to see it because it ends with a nuke and not a giant squid……. really people need to get off their high horses
  120. Straxton Says:
    I doubt there will actually be a fight in the movie. I’m sure it’ll just be him struggling or whatever, and then change back. Fighting video games always add in weird shit like that.It’s possible that, if apparently Saiyans transform at an eclipse instead of at the full moon in the movie, when Vegeta rolls around, instead of creating a synthetic full moon to draw the Oozaru out from directly, he’ll create it to eclipse the sun.
    Then I’m assuming it’ll be the gang’s job to destroy the false moon while Vegeta beats the shit out of Goku rather than cut off his tail.
  121. 1 2 YAM-CHA-CHA!!! Says:
    were counting on you JP!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: get everything. lines spoken, pics of fights, heck recorded if you have to!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  122. 1 2 YAM-CHA-CHA!!! Says:
    were counting on you JP!!!! get everything. lines spoken, pics of fights, heck recorded if you have to!!
  123. Bobcat G. Says:
    don’t know if any of u guys seen this yet but here’s a teaser for the game:or if that doesn’t work here’s the link:
  124. Piccolo Says:
    Honestly, this looks awesome. Look at its face!exactly like anime!For the Haters: GIANT APE is retarded, what the fuck is this, King Kong? A Were-ape is more realistic and easier to adapt for battles. You can actually make a decent fight between a 12ft creature and Piccolo as opposed to a 50ft creature and Piccolo. 12ft isnt small ppl, it will still tower over EVERYONE in the film, I mean look at Nathan Jones in Troy, he was only 7ft and towered over people, imagine 5 more feet on top of him or the Big Show….so whats the complaint here? He’s too small?Well theres NO TAIL!!
    Omg, no stupid, furry, ass-penis to cut off. So lets see what looks like a result of better story telling; a tail that if you cut it off he changes back OR a psycological struggle in which the hero overcomes his Id to save his friends and the world…..choice 2 sounds alot better.Also for all you haters on the tail, you need to remember that DB was highly inspired and influenced by “the monkey king” novels, Akira said so himself. That is why Goku even had a tail in the first place, once Akira developed the story more into his own original world and ideas, noticed how the tail dissappeared as well as Oozaru. Point is as DB became more 100% DB and less DBw/Monkey King ideas the tail was gone, so whats wrong with the movie starting off closer to 100% DB mode….Haters are ignorant, close minded, and utterly retarded people. See the god damn movie then decide, wait for DVD, get bootleg, borrow it from a friend, borrow a friend’s bootleg; w/e the means you see it, just SEE it before posting your slanderous filth.

    To all haters,
    stfu, K, thanks.

  125. JP Says:
    more spoilers on the forums
  126. Jack Says:
    @PiccoloSaiyans were able to conquer planets because they turned into “king kongs” as you say.What can a 12 feet gorilla do? doesn’t even look scary!
  127. Anonymous Says:
    jp, can you give me a link, i dont kno where to
  128. holmination Says:
    Thanks JP :D
  129. holmination Says:
    and for hell of it 129th :mrgreen:
  130. “The First” Jeff Says:
    Jack if a 12 foot gorilla came after you, you would have a diarrhea explosion.What people need to realize, is that this movie is an ADAPTATION OF DRAGONBALL!!! If you want the original, go to the source (manga)!! If you want a revisioned story, go watch the MOVIE!!If they changed the name of all the characters and said this movie was called “Legend of the west” Everyone would love it.Simply because the name is Dragonball, these “SUPPOSED FANS” HATE IT!? Is that NOT ridiculous?The “FANS” hate it because it is Dragonball the movie. uh… WTF? Are you RETARDED!?

    It’s just like to IDIOTS who hate Transformers, because they changed the “original story” (Which btw, really really sucked.) Well guess what Transformers was HUGE, and so will this movie be.
    Here is one possible future outcome of the “fans” and the movie. The movies failure…

    The “fans” will be the downfall of the movie. Because it is the “fans” that are flaming it, before it is even released.

    So good job a-holes, you just RUINED a revival of Dragonball, and new books, stories, video games, movies, figures, halloween costumes, and what not.

    Good job “fans” you just assured your own obsessions DOWNFALL. Because Dragonball will never be released again, and will die off, so that future generations will not know of this story.

    Good job “fans” your own stupid biased opinions will ruin your chances of seeing anything new or interesting in the universe of Dragonball.
    Crappy future huh?

    Now to all you “fans” who hate on this movie, do us REAL FANS a favor and go play “hide-and-go-kill-yourself”

  131. Anonymous Says:
    where do i go to see more spoilers JP/holmination?
  132. dbz fan Says:
    well said 1st jeff….lol dam haters =]
  133. Anonymous Says:
    the sequel to dragonball evolution is gonna be called dragonball red ribbon. just a theory. krillin, tien, and chaitzu will be introduced in that one. hell ya
  134. lol@anonymous Says:
    ^lol, good joke. I’m pretty sure the Sayian Saga is gonna be introduced.
  135. Piccolo Says:
    @Jack, you picked one thing from my entire statement and decide to put on your yellow star sticker so you could make a reply in which you thought would be clever but in fact made no sense or contradicted any of my points, well done sir, you are a true douche.
    And Jeff is correct, a 12ft ape would scare the shit outa you. Also what does size have to do with anything in DB?Kid Goku was always smaller than his oppoents and stomped them, Kid Gohan was smaller as well and had explosions of power where he stomped his enemies. Freeza was short but incredibly powerful compared to his larger lackeys, Kid Buu was small as well. Vegeta was much smaller than Nappa but stronger both physically and Ki wise. If anything Akira has told a story where size doesnt affect your power. Freeza could destroy a planet easy in base form, so what does the size of the Oozaru matter? These 12ft versions could be just as powerful if not more in the movie, depending on HOW they are shown, so once again your statement means NOTHING Jack.Also like to point out that in DB they got rid of oozaru by cutting off Goku’s tail. Now in the movie they are getting rid of Oozaru by Goku overcoming his Sayian evil, which he does in the anime as well. This sets up a better and more real future plot as well.Vegeta and Raditz both said his tail was his ultimate weapon but Goku proved that wrong.It will make more sense if Vegeta looses Oozaru because he chooses to not use it instead of his tail not growing back(when Gohan’s did). Remember Vegeta tried everything like Goku to become stronger than Goku in series,he had a family and loved them, he trained incredibly hard, so why wouldnt he try giving up Oozaru as well.

    The ability to overcome Oozaru is exactly the same thing as a tail being cut off, it won’t affect the story in any major way. The whole squeezing tail can be gone now, thank god.

  136. @lol@anonymous Says:
    no joke buddy
  137. Anonymous Says:
    if they dont introduce the red ribon army the android and cell saga can never be made into a movie. i shouldnt say never, but it wouldnt make sense to have these androids just come out of no where. you can see what im saying cant you?
  138. DratinifanOozaru13 Says:
    New theory, since what JP says is that Oozaru is fighting Goku right there, maybe that’s the only place where his shirt is on so you can recognize him?
  139. Piccolo Says:
    Honestly, so far they only have Marsters signed on for two more sequels which depends on how well this movie does.These 2 will be Sayian and Freeza no doubt, mainly because Sayian Namek and Freeza all fall in together as one long story. This is how you can tell Akira wanted the series to end with Freeza. The whole foreshadowing and whispers of Freeza but he never gets outa his fucking floating chair, until Ginyu saga.They may make a Cell movie, but as it stands they wont, so Red ribbon isnt needed. I understand what you mean however, if they made Cell they would have to revamp the story alot, perhaps make Gero just a power crazy psycho(which he already is) who has been monitoring Goku and friends for years. The only thing they would have to change is his personal vendetta with Goku, and just make it more of a world domination plan gone terribly wrong when the androids kill him. Hell they could even still be programmed to kill Goku since that is who he was watching. So Red ribbon isnt really needed.I personally wasnt too fond of the Androids or Cell, it just made no sense how Gero made machines stronger than SSJs and Freeza, who had vastly superior technology than Earth’s, could create cybernetics which would make him stronger than Super Syaians or the Androids for that matter.
  140. Ballsack Licker Says:
    Oozaru looks legit. Just like the manga. This game has already displayed some wrong info about the movie(Goku fighting Gohan with his Orange Gi already). Still, will be looking forward to how it turns out in film. And now we also know that Vegeta will wear his armor when he turn Oozaru ;)
  141. holmination Says:
    DBMB Boards, JP has all the spoilers there.
  142. Anonymous Says:
  143. 1 2 YAM-CHA-CHA!!! Says:
    @repair man man
    is there a chance you can go back and plat? or is comic con over?
  144. Hans Says:
    Wow, just thinking about all the bitching earlier about the blue fishman monster and how that was made into such a big deal. Now that thats false though, the haters find new stuff in the oozaru to complain about
  145. 1 2 YAM-CHA-CHA!!! Says:
    wait JP what is that whole character buying screen???
  146. Anonymous Says:
    hey jp, they have a some statements from Akira Toriyama at
  149. Wein Says:
    The Oricon entertainment news source posted a promotional video for James Wong and 20th Century Fox’s live-action adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball manga, and Toriyama prefaced the video with a written comment:As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!!The film will open in Japan on March 13, and will then open in America on April 8.”
  150. Anonymous Says:
  151. Jeff Says:
    Hey while you at it. Why not post that interview? Ya’ know the one you said would be one here within a week?
  152. ass-raped by a gorilla Says:
    i hope he’s not “10 to 12 feet tall” in the movie. he needs to be huuuuuge
  153. Straxton Says:
    10 to 12 feet tall is huge. It’s a very large muscular ape, don’t complain. One of the reasons he’s not 50 feet tall is so that, when he changes back, Goku’s not naked for the final fight with Piccolo.
  154. 231451 Says:
    “As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!! ”POLITE WAY TO SAY WTF IS THIS CRAP?! XDDDDDDD
  155. Tasunara Says:
    I’m loving the way the movie is looking, so far! I’ve got utmost confidence in it, and I totally agree with Toriyama-Sensei!And JP, I’m sure there’s tons of fan art that has been sent, I know I’ve sent about 3 myself, so unless there’s a problem with the gallery, you could try to post it, ne?
  156. Says:
    WHOAAAA!! I just read the Spoliers in the Forums. Thanks JP :mrgreen:
  157. SSj4 Says:
    Here is a video of the fight between OOZARU VS CHI CHI!!
  158. Shawna Says:
    Well I’m in nerd heaven, because I just saw the movie. true it was in a dream but it played out pretty well, hehe there were no school scenes.
  159. super namek Says:
    on dragon ball z they call a great ape a great ape why is it called oozaru?I dont under stand.they dont say hey look its oozaru,they say oh god its a great ape its gonna freaking tear my head off.When goku fights Vegeta he calls it a great ape not oozaru.I know its not called freking oozaru.and remember when great ape vegeta was crushing gokus bones?GOKU DOSENT EVER CALL IT OOZARU NEVER NEVER EVER. :D
  160. super namek Says:
  161. Jack Says:
    @Piccolo and @First JeffI didn’t say anything about the tail. In fact I accept some changes and I admit they are more realistic.But oozarus are not 12 feet high. I don’t like that change because I link it with the manga and it doesn’t make sense. But as you both say, we will have to wait and watch the movie to make a real judgement.Anyways, it’s bad to be hater, yes. But it’s even worst to defend blindly something you don’t know.PS: I liked the transformers adaptation, and i’m a fan of the tv show.
  162. Sara Says:
  163. Piccolo Says:
    Oozaru’s being 12ft or 50ft realy doesnt matter, because as I alrdy said, In DBU size really doesnt effect your power.A 12ft Oozaru could do the same if not more than a 50ft Oozaru. Ki is the factor in DBU, always has been, its a Mind over Matter, Spirit over Body concept, never physical. If it were physical than Nail would be able to hurt Freeza since he’s PHYSICALLY superior or Goku would bounce off of Recoome and Nappa since their vastly PHYSICALLY superior…but thats not the case, its who has the larger Ki.A 12ft Oozaru could generate a blow that could destroy a planet just like that shrimp Freeza did. Size really doesnt matter. And also 12ft isnt small my friend, not by a long shot. Like Ive stated, 7ft looks huge in movies. The Green Mile, that actor is only 6′5″ but towers over everyone…
  164. Nisiyouri Says:
    Hey JP, since you updated on the new Dragonball animated movie, why not write about how the entire series is being re animated (minus filler)?
  165. Mr. Kite Says:
  166. super namek Says:
  167. super namek Says:
    okay first of all its not oozaru.They never call it that on the cartoon.Remember when vegeta is transforming into the ape?Does goku call it oozaru?NO HE CALLS IT A GREAT APE IVE SEEN THE WHOLE FIGHT WITH VEGETA THEY NEVER SAY ITS CALLED OOZARU.IVE BEEN A DRAGON BALL FAN FOR 9 YEARS AND IM 12
  168. super namek Says:
    i wonder if senzu beans will be in this movie.I mean the nimbus is going to be a car so thats bad.i hope the senzu beans wont be something other than beans
  169. Piccolo Says:
    @super namekWhat are you going on about. Research the source material you epic moron. Normally I ignore people of such low intellegence but you honestly believe the English Dub of Anime…..All you have to do is a LITTLE bit of research and you’ll see why we are calling it Oozaru and not Great Ape.People will find the smallest things to bitch about….
  170. Piccolo Says:
    Ahhh, Super Namek is 12, now it makes sense.Super Namek, go by the Manga, not the Anime, especially not the english version. Great Ape’s ACTUAL name is Oozaru, they changed it in the English Dub as well as alot of things were changed.
  171. super namek Says:
    Goku can only transform dering an eclipe?huh i think it should be the full moon still.but its still going to be a great when piccolo is fighting goku it looked so cool!I cant wait till they make a dbz so exited its incredible.i thought they would never make the great dragon ball into a movie.just 2 months to go people hope your exited cause if your not you people are many of you think this is going to be a great movie? :D
  172. super namek Says:
    ooh okay piccolo.i was wondering why every one was calling it oozaru.I was waiting for someone to tell me that.Thank you very much.and yes i do wacth the english one.
  173. super namek Says:
    okay from now on im calling it oozaru.oozaru looks awsome i just hope that in the movie the gi is ripped up 8)
  174. super namek Says:
    i am very much fact im in school right now on their computers
  175. super namek Says:
    oozaru looks awsome just look at him it looks just like oozaru in the manga :mrgreen:
  176. super namek Says:
    12 feet?good thats pretty big :arrow: :idea: :idea: :?: :!:
  177. super namek Says:
    the androids i dont know how their stronger than goku and freiza eather.But cell is stronger because he has every ones cells in him.And cell is blown up much more than once and he has sain cells in him making him stronger every time so thats how hes stronger than everyone :mrgreen:
    i can´t belive it. O_O oh my god, oozaru is a piece of shit¡¡James wong, i will see you in the hell¡¡ WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY¿? :cry:
  179. Kurai Says:
    So cute. *laughs*I personally can’t wait for the movie; sure its not going to be exactly like the Anime, but then again… was Deathnote like the anime? Was Transformers? Resident Evil? No.. Adaptations…That means they’re going to try and make it some-what reasonable. xD
  180. cristofer sunshine Says:
    @Jeff:it was just a fan suggestion that the eclipse transform goku, it may still be a full moon :mrgreen:
  181. DratinifanOozaru13 Says:
    Read part of Ben Ramsey’s script…I can honestly say if that were the original script…I would kill myself…WHO THE HELL IS KIRA!? Pilaf as a villain? Damn now I’m more greatful of this movie…at least barely anyone knows of the Dragonballs and Goku was never told that “Piccolo and Oozaru worked together to destroy the world” WTF!!!!