0:44 foreign
1:01 my son
1:05 stay strong
1:08 your crown is here and your kingdom
1:13 awaits your return
1:27 foreign
1:37 [Applause]
1:41 have we ever met have we ever met
1:44 if you don’t mind her can you just tell
1:46 me what I forgot so I can’t remember I
1:49 leave a bowl and did you forget the
1:51 promise you made me as well
1:54 you promised to marry me Goku
2:00 foreign
2:04 [Music]
2:23 [Music]
2:34 [Music]
2:54 thank you
2:56 [Music]
3:19 the green light the golden fashion
3:24 it’s not every day that a king leaves
3:27 his throne but for you I make a royal
3:30 exception
3:35 Music]
3:50 [Music]
3:59 all my life I’ve trained for this one
4:03 moment
4:05 for the pride of the Saiyans for my
4:09 family
4:10 and yes even you Kakarot Saiyan Legend
4:15 hear me today a god Falls bones dust
4:22 she’s to the wind
4:24 [Music]
4:26 [Applause]
4:37 [Music]
4:49 foreign
4:55 [Music]
5:04 [Music]
5:21 [Music]
5:27 [Music]
5:32 thank you
5:52 all right
6:04 laughs
6:11 [Music]
6:40 [Music]
6:58 thank you
7:02 [Music]
7:14 foreign
7:24 [Music]
7:35 [Music]
7:48 [Music]
7:53 I remember
7:56 it’s Chichi right
7:59 Kakarot stop calling me that
8:03 that name is your Birthright for you
8:07 just like I are the legacy of a proud
8:10 race of golden Warriors
8:13 we are the keepers of the Primal light
8:16 your light is out of control and must be
8:19 refined to be useful
8:22 your days Under the Sun are numbered
8:24 Kakarot so marry that woman while you
8:27 still have the chance and come with me
8:30 have to prepare
8:32 for what
8:37 War
8:40 [Music]
8:43 [Applause]
8:44 [Music]
9:10 foreign
9:14 [Music]
9:37 foreign
9:42 [Music]
10:14 I’m the creator of legend of dragon ball
10:17 tale there’s a lot I’d like to say but
10:19 I’ll save most of it for another time
10:20 first I’d like to say thank you to each
10:22 of you for taking the time to watch this
10:24 film your attention is greatly
10:26 appreciated as well I’d like to give a
10:28 huge and sincere thank you to my entire
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10:43 and lastly it goes without saying but
10:46 animation takes a lot of time and energy
10:48 and focus and stamina and budget and
10:51 time we had all that stuff except a
10:53 budget my entire team did this out of
10:56 the sheer enthusiasm for Dragon Ball Z
10:58 and the project itself
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