Dragonball: Evolution – The Differences/Similarities

have compiled this list of all the things that are different, as well as all things the same, with Dragonall: Evolution compared to the original source material.

Disclaimer: Faithfulness does not equal good. Just the same, deviations from the source don’t necessarily equal bad.

Warning: May contain spoilers

Goku is in High School
Grandpa Gohan is still alive
Bulma’s hair isn’t completely blue
Roshi is not bald
Roshi does not appear to wear glasses
Yamcha has blonde streaks
Oozaru appears during the eclipse
Goku does not have a tail
Shenron is more western inspired, than eastern
Mai can shape shift
Bulma can fight
Roshi’s island is in the middle of a city
Shenron has to be summoned from a “Dragon Temple.”
Capsules transform instead of poofing.

Goku is a Saiyan
Picollo is a Namek-jin
Bulma is a scientist
Capsule Corp
Yamcha is a desert bandit
Chi Chi is a fighter
Roshi is humorous
Roshi likes women
Goku has spikey hair and a bang
Piccolo is green
Mai works for Piccolo
Goku has the 4 star Dragonball
All 7 dragonballs summon Shenron who grants one wish
Gokue wears an orange gi, and a blue gi
Kame Symbol
Roshi teaches Goku the Kamehameha
Piccolo was imprisoned for years
Piccolo spawns demonic minions
Ki blasts
Areal battles
Nyoibō is used, and called Nyoibō
Bulma and Yamcha
Goku and Chi Chi
Dragonball landscapes
Blown up cities
Flying cars
Piccolo’s ship
Bulma has guns
Yamcha is bad at first
Goku runs around with ridiculously massive weights on his back
The classic “Trek through the Desert”
The original story of how the balls were created by man before we knew about Kami

I compiled this list because there are some people who still think this film isn’t faithful to the source material. Feel free to add anything I may have missed in the comments section.