New Dragonball Scan

Longtime DBMB scooper Dukemon found a new magazine scan featuring Dragonball! Not much is shown other than better quality shots of previous images. Hopefully a translation reveals something new.

Looks like it’s from Playboy. Hopefully we get a translation soon!

Translation per

The premiere of the film real actors of Dragonball is determined. The Kamehameha will be released across Japan on March 13, 2009.
“This film is the story of a teenage boy, and I love Goku” said Chatwin.
Chow Yun Fat is the master Roshi. What will happen to the scene funny “Pafu-Pafu”?
Emmy Rossum is BULMA. She mounted on motorcycles quite cool.
Now the film is real Dragonball in production in Hollywood, its official release date is determined. On Friday the March 13, 2009 the film will be premiered in Japan ahead of the rest of the world.
Suffice it to say that Dragonball is the great masterpiece of manga Akira Toriyama. It has sold over 300 million copies around the world so far and is still sold. In this movie, and hopeful young actor Justin Chatwin, Hollywood, plays the role of the star Goku. Talking about their favorite scenes, “I think we are the scenes of action. They (producers) are filled with many scenes very ambitious than ever seen before. The Kamehameha is also very provocative. “
The brilliant actress Emmy Rossum plays BULMA, who travels with Goku. “The Emperor of Asian cinema” Chow Yun-Fat interprets the teacher Roshi. James Marsters to Piccolo. And the Japanese world-class actress in Hollywood actively Eriko Tamura makes Mai. Although much of this film still remains secret, here are four images extraneous Shuupure (Weekly Playboy) succeeded in secret. How will Goku aimpedir that the ambitious Piccolo destroy the world? The next March, his secret will be revealed.