Dragonball Teaser Shown at Cinema Expo?

Screen Daily has a report on the 20th Century Fox presentation at the 2008 Cinema Expo in Amsterdam. According to the site, Dragonball footage was shown at the reel presentation.

Delegates were also shown footage/trailers/teasers for thriller Mirrors (starring Kiefer Sutherland), French box-office hit Taken (starring Liam Neeson), Mark Wahlberg’s new film Max Payne, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Dragonball, romantic comedy Bride Wars (starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway), Night At The Museum 2, and unseen footage of Tom Cruise Second World War drama Valkyrie.

Is the trailer closer than we think?

RUMOR: I was told that the teaser may appear with the July 18th Fox film Space Chimps. Not sure how reliable this may be so take it with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: Christina Inman tells Dragonball Live that the teaser will be released in November or December (Which we reported here).

UPDATE 2: Here is what Film1 has to say:

“It’s definitely true that they’ve shown a teaser of Dragonball, but it’s just a couple of short scenes. Because of the enormous amounts of trailers, teasers, clips and films shown at the Expo, I can’t remember exactly what I saw, but I remember that it was cool!”