Dragonball Updates!

Oh noes! JP didn’t post the not-so-new or revealing cast interviews that aren’t all that exciting at all! :( Maybe he’ll make it up by posting something with relevance? Maybe!

In all seriousness, I had trouble with the blog this past weekend. However I didn’t think it was that big of a deal as the ‘news’ wasn’t very exciting anyway. Though in my defense, TOB, Star and Trunks all have posting abilities as well! Maybe they died?

Scooper chelo248 points us to an image that was originally posted on the dbthemovie comments section. The image is what could be a group of character posters for Dragonball. Are they real? Fake? Take a look a the itty bitty pic and decide for yourself!

UPDATE: chelo248 has provided us with a much larger version of one of the miniature Bulma posters.


UPDATE 2: Reposting with ‘permission’. . .


We also have an interesting tidbit from our very own Jesse J via IMDB. It seems there will be an animated portion of the movie.

Animation Department
Mike Jahnke …. lead animator
Jason Labbe …. character rigging
Louis Leung …. animator
Mario Pochat …. animation supervisor
Agustin Robles Villegas …. previsualization artist

Animated opening, perhaps?