Rumor Mill: Pre-viz?

Holy Dragonball dry spell Batman!

The lack of any exciting news lately has been killer. Unfortunately I don’t have the remedy. But what I do have is something that could either be a quick look at Piccolo, or a huge load of crock.

DBMB reader Mole-Man claims he saw some early pre-viz work for Dragonball. Did he or didn’t he? You decide!

I got the chance to see some Pre-viz shots of the upcoming Dragoball movie.I can’t tell you how I got to see it,but I can give you descriptions of what I saw.

The shots weren’t very interesting, But I also got to see a render of Piccolo (made before Marsters was cast).

The first shot was just a dragonball floating in the sky, It started to glow and then exploding into the Dragonball logo.

The next shot was of a futuristic motorcycle speeding through the desert and a rocket suddenly hits the back of the cycle causing the driver (didnt look like bulma but i could be mistaken) to fly off and smash into the ground.

The last thing I got to see before having to leave was a render of piccolo.It was very detailed.the only thing wrong was that he looked too young.

He also provided an image which you can view above. I would again like to repeat that I can’t confirm this is true and I am not saying that it is. Just thought we could have a little fun speculating while we await more solid news.

EDIT: Like we all assumed, it’s a load of bull! But hey, it was fun speculating, right?