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Privacy Policy

All visitors to this website agree to the following by choosing to visit this website or use features offered on this website. Like most websites, we may store log files on an external server that will include various visitor information, such as IP addresses, browser information, referring links, and duration of visit.

Cookies may also be used by this website in order to retain user preferences. These preferences may offer additional features or an improved user experience. Log files may be used for storing user settings, including login information, visitor email, and username.

How information is used

The information used by this website is typically used to enhance the overall user experience being offered to visitors. Personal information that is obtained will never be sold, rented, or leased to third parties.

Your email address may be used to send you updates or newsletters related to this website. At any time you can opt out of receiving this e mail. Email addresses are normally collected during registration or subscription of services.

The blocking of cookies is handled through your web browser. You may find settings that allow you to disable all cookies or list specific websites that you would like to allow or disallow from using cookies.

Third party companies, such as Google, may use cookies to deliver more relevant advertising. In addition to advertising, cookies may also be used for tracking purposes.

When you disable cookies, you may also disable features and options available on this website.