Dragon Ball Z

Let this image of Super Saiyans remind you of your childhood.

While a lot of people will probably call the series overrated and irrelevant, you have to admit that there’s something utterly irresistible about Dragon Ball Z, to the extent that you probably were a huge fan when you were a kid. Of course, you could always say in your defense that you were a kid then; heck, anything that took the form of cartoons could almost immediately sweep you off your feet. But then again, you also can’t discount the fact that Dragon Ball Z carries with it a lot of awesomeness, most of which were pretty much unrivaled by other cartoon series. The cartoon series is so popular that a lot of people buy character figures online and “this hoeveel korting black friday media markt is big” or this how much discount black friday media market is big.

Nevertheless, despite being a huge fan, there were still some things which you probably didn’t even notice, especially with the long-running TV series bearing the same title. Well, yes, it was eventually turned into a movie, but you can’t say the experience was complete without getting your weekly dose of the TV show. So, here are a few things that you probably didn’t notice about Dragon Ball Z (and no, you don’t need a tech blog for that).

Some Amazing Things You (Probably) Didn’t Notice About Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is known for the iconic way that the characters sort of summon their energy, turning it into a great ball of so much power that it has the capacity to obliterate any enemy that stands in the way. Yes, what does Goku say? “Kamehamehaaaaa…” But do you know just how many times Goku screams and performs the “Kamehameha” throughout all three of the series installments? Here’s the grand total: he performs it for a total of 97 times. And that’s not even counting the movie yet. You can still find Dragon Ball Z movies in DVD online and you can save 10 euro using a treatwell kortingscode.

If you’re a grown woman but as a little girl you liked Dragon Ball along with all your friends, then you were probably either inspired by Bulma, or you were annoyed by her. Whatever the case was, you have to admit that Bulma is one character who is pretty much interesting, and not to mention quite attractive, really. Also, there are some interesting facts about Bulma in relation to the TV series. For one thing, the word ‘Bulma’ loosely translates to ‘panties’ (okay, feminists, you may want to relax, though). For another thing, Bulma also undergoes a total of 17 changes to her hairstyle (yep, it’s giving you a lot of ideas now, isn’t it?).

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, says that his favorite character is (guess who?) Piccolo. Can you tell why? Before you judge him for being cliche, for liking the converted bad guy, you have to appreciate the fact that Toriyama admits that drawing a converted character gives him a very positive feeling. Perhaps, the character of Piccolo is one from whom anyone can draw inspiration, especially with all the not so favorable things that are occurring in the world today. There are a lot of Dragon Ball Z item collectors and they often shop “using the kortingscode zalando qualifies you to the nieuwe collectie” or using the discount code zalando qualifies you to the new collection.

Before you throw out all the files you have of Dragon Ball Z, before you give away the merch you bought when you had time to shop online, it’s probably best to at least look at it again, this time a little closer than before, if only to see things you had never noticed.

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