Why Do Some People Dislike Dragon Ball Z?

Why Do Some People Dislike Dragon Ball Z?

Dragon Ball Z – what’s there to hate about it?

Many people enjoyed Dragon Ball Z immensely. But of course, like many things, it had a few downsides to it, as well. These disadvantages are likely the reasons why there are some people who really don’t like Dragon Ball Z, despite its many merits. Think of them as similar to why some people dislike using online shops like Lazada and Zalora when they do their shopping, despite the many benefits of using promo codes. Using discounts will help you save more money for getting “a premie zorgverzekering vanaf for 18 year olds” or a premium healthcare insurance for 18 years olds.


Some Reasons Why Dragon Ball Z Doesn’t (Always) Hold Up

Reason #1: In Dragon Ball Z, there are very few essential characters.

Even among the characters that can fight – unimaginatively dubbed "Z Fighters" – only a few characters truly matter. Goku and the other Saiyans quickly outclass all of their former allies and rivals, with the possible exception of the Namekian Piccolo. A show set on Earth soon had essentially zero useful Earthling characters. The Z Fighters were the equivalent of an unbalanced football team, where only a few key players matter and everyone else just tries not to get in the way. Having essential characters will help you a lot even in real life.

Reason #2: Dying isn’t a problem (which makes it difficult to relate with or invest in).

Characters do frequently die in Dragon Ball Z. The series’ first story arc concludes with the death of Goku, countless characters sacrifice themselves, and Krillin explodes, like, a dozen times. The show doesn’t even bother with funeral scenes, however, because of the existence of the titular dragon balls. These wish-granting orbs summon the dragon Shenron, who can bring the dead back to life.

Reason #3: The villains lose their power pretty quickly.

Dragon Ball Z opens with the arrival of Raditz, Goku’s long-lost and incredibly powerful Saiyan brother. Despite it taking both Goku and Piccolo defeat Raditz (a feat they just barely managed), the next major antagonists to attack Earth carry with them plantable Saibamen that are each as powerful as one Raditz and the Z Fighters take them down with ease. The villainous Frieza has an awe-inspiring power level of one million, but by the next story arc, he is easily dismantled by a brand-new character from the future. Same as when you use a coupon and go buy direct from suppliers, you can also use coupon codes when buying Manga series online.