FAQs Page

  • In the entire series, how many times does Goku say ‘Kamehameha?’
    • Dragon Ball Z is known for the iconic way that the characters sort of summon their energy, turning it into a great ball of so much power that it has the capacity to obliterate any enemy that stands in the way. Yes, what does Goku say? “Kamehamehaaaaa…” But do you know just how many times Goku screams and performs the “Kamehameha” throughout all three of the series installments? Here’s the grand total: he performs it for a total of 97 times. And that’s not even counting the movie yet.
  • Who is Akira Toriyama’s favorite character in Dragon Ball Z?
    • Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z, says that his favorite character is (guess who?) Piccolo. Can you tell why? Before you judge him for being cliche, for liking the converted bad guy, you have to appreciate the fact that Toriyama admits that drawing a converted character gives him a very positive feeling. Perhaps, the character of Piccolo is one from whom anyone can draw inspiration, especially with all the not so favorable things that are occurring in the world today.
  • Why is there endless staring on Dragon Ball Z?
    • Dragonball Z has many scenes of two fighters just standing motionless, their eyes locked in a never-ending staring contest. But there’s a pretty simple reason behind this necessity: The fighting goes by quickly. Characters are capable of moving faster than the human eye can track them, meaning that an entire fight can conceivably happen in the blink of an eye. The solution is to create the illusion of speed by juxtaposing these intense action sequences with dramatic pauses.
  • Why is there so much yelling?
    • Well, basically, in order to show a character getting stronger, there really isn’t any other way to convey the idea of them pushing themselves further past their limitations than audibly screaming. Yelling is a very primal aspect of human nature, able to get an emotion across without any words whatsoever.
  • What’s one disadvantage about Dragon Ball Z?
    • Even among the characters that can fight – unimaginatively dubbed “Z Fighters” – only a few characters truly matter. Goku and the other Saiyans quickly outclass all of their former allies and rivals, with the possible exception of the Namekian Piccolo. A show set on Earth soon had essentially zero useful Earthling characters.
  • What’s one problem when it comes to the villains on Dragon Ball Z?
    • If you pay attention to the way the show’s plot unfolds, you’ll notice that the villains lose their powers pretty quickly, which can eventually get boring to watch.