About Cookies

Use of Cookies and How to Disable Cookies

Learn about the use of cookies and how to disable them from being stored on your computer.

Cookies are small files

Each cookie is a very small file that is created and then stored by your internet browser. Cookies have a lifespan and may be set to expire upon exiting the website or they may expire at a later date. By default, most browsers accept cookies from trusted sites; though, you may choose to disable cookies.

Using cookies for additional features

Like most websites, this website uses cookies stored on your computer to tailor the experience you receive. Improving the overall user experience of this website, tracking visitor stats, and adding extra features are all reasons that websites have for using the information stored by cookies.

When used to provide additional features, our website can recognize your browser by examining the cookie that was stored the last time you visited our website. In general, the use of cookies can fall into one of three categories. Cookies are often used to provided additional functions, for advertising purposes, or for analytics.

Third Party Cookies

Third party vendors may use cookies stored on your browser to deliver more relevant content, including advertising. No personal information is stored on the cookies used by third party vendors.

Disabling cookies

At any time you can choose to deny cookies. To do so, navigate to the appropriate section of your browser settings. You should be able to refuse all cookies or list specific sites that you would like to allow or disallow cookie usage.