About Us

I was a kid when the first Dragon Ball anime started. As I kid, I was so amazed with the main character Goku, with his hamekame wave. I always watch the anime and even talk about with my friends. We always play a make believe game which gives us a chance to be Goku or Krillin or anyone we want to be. I even believed that dragonballs are real, when I was small. Me and my friends even made our own dragonballs and we play treasure hunt with them. My childhood was fun and complete because of Dragon Ball.

When the Dragon Ball Z movies started, I was a bit older. I was really heartbroken when I found out that the movies aren’t shown in cinema nearest to our home. I tried looking for a cinema where I can watch them, but I didn’t found any. After that, I finally accepted that I won’t be able to watch it.


After that incident, I stopped watching Dragon Ball and lost interest. I focused on my study and sports. I watch other anime. But one time, while I was browsing the internet for a new anime to watch, I came across Dragon Ball Z. I was surprised to see a lot of Dragon Ball Z movies. I didn’t know that there are a lot of it now. I watched some of it online, and I can’t stop watching them all.

While I was watching the movies, I remembered my childhood and how much fun I had because of Dragon Ball. I had friends because we all like to watch it.
I made this website to let other people know how awesome Dragon Ball Z is. You will see the movies’ titles and some guides so that you can watch them properly. I also hope that these movies will let you remember your awesome childhood and the simple happiness you felt while watching the anime.